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The Heirloom Preservation Process

First we perform a detailed inspection for your gown. We examine the trim and details for any loose parts in need of repairs. We then carefully pre-treat stains before gently cleaning your gown.

Bridgestone Cleaners then hand-finishes your precious gown. Bridgestone Cleaners has been accepted into the Association of Wedding Gown Cleaners, and is the only listed member in the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx and Westchester New York area. Whether the material is lace, embroidery, pearls, sequins, beads or any other delicate material, we will show your wedding heirloom the attention and care that will stand the test of time.

After your gown is expertly cleaned and hand-finished by our specially trained staff, it undergoes inspection, storage, and preservation. Your gown is positioned and stored in a museum-quality box and is used to protect your treasured gown.

We offer 100% international guarantee against caramelized sugar stains or yellowing of your garments. The Association of Wedding Gown specialists provides an additional guarantee that once you have had your gown cleaned and preserved at one of their certified locations, you can go into any other association member locations around the world and have your gown pressed for free. This is a lifetime guarantee.