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How To Store A Wedding Dress, How to Preserve A Wedding Dress And Other FAQ

Bridgestone Cleaners is Brooklyn’s, Manhattan’s, the Bronx’ and Westchester’s only wedding dress preservation company that is certified by the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists. If you are wondering how to store a wedding dress, how to preserve a wedding dress, which wedding gown cleaning service to choose, or want to learn more about how our specialized process can clean and preserve… Read More »How To Store A Wedding Dress, How to Preserve A Wedding Dress And Other FAQ

The Heirloom Preservation Process

Cleaning First we perform a detailed inspection for your gown. We examine the trim and details for any loose parts in need of repairs. We then carefully pre-treat stains before gently cleaning your gown. Finishing Bridgestone Cleaners then hand-finishes your precious gown. Bridgestone Cleaners has been accepted into the Association of Wedding Gown Cleaners, and is the only listed member… Read More »The Heirloom Preservation Process

Gown Care Wedding Day Tips

Wedding Gown Fittings Bring your wedding shoes to your first fitting and every subsequent fitting to avoid hemline discrepancies. Wear the same undergarments to each fitting to ensure consistency. Hanging Your Gown When hanging your gown, use the loops inside the gown that are connected to the seams. Never hang your dress from its shoulders or straps. Your dress should… Read More »Gown Care Wedding Day Tips