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Gown Care Wedding Day Tips

Bring your wedding shoes to your first fitting and every subsequent fitting to avoid hemline discrepancies. Wear the same undergarments to each fitting to ensure consistency.

When hanging your gown, use the loops inside the gown that are connected to the seams. Never hang your dress from its shoulders or straps. Your dress should be hung such that the hem does not touch the floor.

A few days before the wedding check your gown for loose threads, beads, buttons, or seams. Find any wrinkles or minor defects? Call us and we can make those last-minute repairs.

As soon as you arrive on your wedding day, take your gown out of its garment bag. Smooth and fluff out the material including the underskirt and slips. Allow your gown’s material to breath (that goes for you too). Don’t forget your veil!

Drape a sheet over the front of your gown and your shoulders before doing any hair or makeup touchups, or a light robe, depending on the cut of the dress. Don’t allow makeup to get on your undergarments either during your initial hair and makeup sitting.

If your reception is in a different location than your ceremony, take extra care when going in and out of the car. Make sure to lay your train across the seat next to you, opposite the groom. Sit forward to avoid unnecessary wrinkling. Be extra careful while getting in and out of the car. Ask for help if you need it. Avoid the car door, puddles, mud, or dirt on the ground. Be attentive when walking through a garden or landscaped area. Watch out for small twigs or branches that can snag the fabric of your gown.

If you are taking pictures outside bring something to stand on to avoid outdoor stains on your gown and shoes. Newly paved or sealed driveways create some of the hardest stains to remove.